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           Sirithamwittaya School (or Pondok Duku) was established in 1898 115 years ago by Sheikh Muhammad Dahan Bin Soleh, who was descended from Syed Wan Hussain Bin Qambul Al-Hadhoromi, the founder 350 years of mosque of Bachok Narathiwat, Thailand ; one of the oldest mosque.

            In the beginning, The Pondok Duku (ancient traditional Islamic educational institution in the Southern of Thailand)  at Duku Village, Bachok District, Narathiwat where it has been locally known as “Pondok Duku”. At the beginning step, have only one teacher and 30 students.

            After that, Sheikh Muhammad Thohir Lamatha, locally known as “Tok Duku” (Master Duku or Islamic Scholar of Duku), who was graduated from a local Islamic education institute and Masjid Haram educational institution, Saudi Arabia.  The son of the school founder who took over the school administration. He had been well know throughout Southern of Thailand and Malaysia as “ The Islamic Scholar who memorized the whole Holy Qur’an”. At this time the school very famous on the Qur’anic instructional fulfillment especially concerning Ilmu Tajwid and Tahfiz(Principle of Qur’an reading and Qur’an memorization subject).

            In the 1966, Shiekh Shihabuddin Lamatha became the school administrator. He developed the school to a systematic modern school. The subject taught were only Islamic religious subjects approved by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

            In the 1977,  Shiekh Mukhtar Lamatha, Bachelor Degree (Islamic Studies and Arabic Literature) continued the school administration as school owner, director and principle of school. He took the outstanding step in development of  the school to systematic school according the modern school standard  assigned by Ministry of Education  of Thailand. The school was official approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand to teach two curriculums: of Islamic subject and academic subject. Islamic section from primary level to high school level. Academic subject section from secondary school level to high school level (grade 7 to grade 12). The improvement of the school development had rapidly and widely expanded and passed the school quality assessment by the Ministry of Education.

           In the 1986, the school was awarded by Royal Award of Best Islamic School (Level 3). The school director Shiekh Muktar Lamatha was granted to receive the award from the King Bhumibul of Thailand(for the first time). Every year during 1987-1989, the school also awarded by Royal Award of Best Islamic School.

           In the 2003, Sheikh Mukhtar Lamatha established an Islamic foundation called Siritham Foundation. He legitimately donated the school properties as well as the school affairs to the foundation. At the same time, Siritham Foundation is also under the patronage of Atthohiriah Mosque which is the central mosque of the Duku Village registered and approved by Thailand law (Ministry of Interior).  The school has been developed in various fields, especially in the filed of instruction, infrastructures and instructional quality.

           In the 2008 Mr. Muhammadsulhan Lamatha B.A (Islamic Education), M.A (Educational Planning, University of Malaya, Malaysia) became administrator. He launched many new outstanding for the propose of the smart school. Among the main projects are:

          1.  Project on helping the all students (950 students) especially for daily free-cost lunch and a school bus.

          2.  The development school quality to meet the demand of local and Asian country. (triple language school : Arabic, English and Malay)

          3.  To use modern computer management system (oracle databases) for the propose of school administration (OPAC Library, E-Office) and Islamic daily activities (student smartcard should slip card when they perform a prayer).

          4.  Project football academic or Siritham Football Society (SFS) to develop student to professional players in Thailand.

The school development program, now are in need of the adequate school buildings and school facilities in fulfilling the school future progress to benefit the Al-Islamic and social welfare of Thailand.        



                Formerly, the Foundation had gained contributions from a varieties of sector. The school had also got contributions from Muslim brothers both in Thailand and Malaysia for the purpose of purchasing lands for the Foundation which is located at 228 Attohiriah Rd. Bacho sub-district, Bacho district, Narathiwat province with the area of 10 rais or 4 acres. First to third school buildings were donated by local people and from nearby provinces as well as Muslim throughout Thailand. The last one was built in 2006,  which was supported by the project for school building Aid (free of interest) under the Ministry of Education of Thailand in the form of loans. This 3- storey school building was built by the budget of 8 million bahts. (about 266,666 USD$).

            There has been an increasing for Muslims in Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala province to send their children to Sirithamwittaya school, particularly because it provides all integrated syllabus, specially serve the Muslim students needs. However, the majority of the Muslim are from the lower socio-economic class and society. Consequently, they can not pay school fees in full amount. This is the reason that the school committee must find financial supports from various sources to build school buildings.